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I’m Sorry

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I am so sorry for everything wrong I say.
I know its a mistake after I do it.
I never meant it to come out that way.
Wait, this is something I must admit.

I said I was sorry but it wasn’t enough.
I tried my best to explain.
I said it out of anger, not out of love.
Can’t we just start all over again?

I don’t know how to tell you what I feel.
I can’t imagine what I would do with out you.
You keep me sane and you keep me real.
You are that light that keeps me true.

I understand if you want to ignore me.
I never meant to hurt you in anyway.
I mean it when I say I’m sorry.
Please forgive me for the wrong things I say.

by Trinity Roberts
Used with Permission

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Rating: +11 (from 15 votes)
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