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The Love Story

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He was born in a stable,
He was sent down in love,
He was humble as a lamb,
Yes, He was gentle as a dove,

In miracles He was able,
but He can save souls too,
For that is what Jesus came for,
The work of God to do.

He was twelve years old in the temple,
Oh such a little lad,
At Him, the elders were amazed,
To see what gifts He had.

As He grew, nourished in God’s love,
He preached the Golden Rule,
He said “Love your neighbor as yourself,
use prayer as a tool.”

With three rusty nails, life would end,
But on the third day, begin.
He said, “Father, please forgive them.”
A plea much souls to win.

by Mindy DeBord
Used with Permission

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Rating: +18 (from 24 votes)
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