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Pansy was her name; Garbage was her game,
she made each can in town most every day –
She rode each alley there. She took what e’er she’d care,
then hopped her bike and quickly rode away.

She sang a funny tune and often acted like a loon;
the boys would taunt and call her awful names.
With sticks she chased and cried, and yelled that they had lied;
with shouting she would hurl back their profanes!

They teased her through the years, and often brought forth tears;
‘the story told’ in sin she slipped and fell.
They told her young heart broke, and caused her mind to stroke,
but never of her lover would they tell.

She’d braved the storms of life alone in poverty and strife;
her mind seemed gone when all was said and done.
Each day she picked the trash – ‘midst teasing verbal rash –
I’m sad to say of them, that I was one!

I chanced one day to find: a photo left behind –
it fell from in her purse – she’d often look.
It was of he and she -her beauty I could see –
but now so strange to view the toll time took!

From that day forth I vowed: her peace to be allowed;
I’d have this taunting, teasing, vigil stopped!
And by this simple act there came an-un-spoken pact –
between us distant friendship soon out-cropped.

We spoke but only twice, of how she’d paid the price:
to live alone this life that seemed so sad.
But memories of him, although sometimes so grim,
were all she had and made her heart feel glad.

I watched as time went by; with what she had she’d try,
to help the poor and sick – the needy old.
She gave as best she could: their simple needs she would
attend with food and clothes, and Heart of Gold.

She brought them laughs and cheer; when sick she’d hover near
and bring them aid if they had friend or kin.
In time I came to know, although it didn’t show,
to many she brought Love where none had been!

Now only memories bring . . . the way she used to sing
and heaven’s portals she has surely crossed.
The Lord forgave her sin and I pray that in the end –
She too forgave the sin . . . at her we tossed!

by Ron Baron
Used with Permission

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