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Self Preservation

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Many things have been done – or words were said
That pierced the heart – like a bullet of lead
And though the event came – and soon was gone
The sting of it all – lingered on and on.

Dwelling on the past – though time has marched on
Will make us miserable – no mood for a song,
Because peace and joy – Satan is stealing
Thus, he alone prospers – if we hold an ill-feeling.

We must forgive others – in a way that is right:
Leaving their flaws – for only God’s sight.
Sometimes it’s impossible – to humanly do
So we call on the Holy Spirit – to see us through.

When the Lord forgives us – our slate is wiped clean.
God doesn’t hold grudges – or see us as mean.
Yes, He gives us a chance – for a whole new start.
He holds no memory – of our mistakes in his heart.

If we can’t forgive – like the Lord intended
We have a miserable life – which can’t be mended.
Because an unforgiving heart – is real devastation
And forgiving completely – is self-preservation.

Mary Katherine Kohl
(November 25, 1997) ©
Used with Permission

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Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)
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