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Through so many winters nights.
I sat withering
Too tired to Love
Too afraid to speak
Too fed up to pray
I was dieing!
Snow covered me.
I was bound for the ground.

You sent me a buoy
Light that directed me
I was still afraid
I stayed blind
I stayed lost
Still bound for the ground

You called for me once again
This time I listened
This time I forgave
This time I cried
This time I cared!

Now I sit in your spring air!
The green grass tickles my legs
The clouds wisp past
My dreamy eyes watching
My hair sparkling in sunlight
My love growing each day
My praise shouting your name!!

It is time
You have told me Lord
That I become a buoy of Light
To share Your wonderful Spring and Might!
To save others from the cold ground!

by eveswinter,
(used with permission)

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