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Today she’s getting married, my young daughter is a bride.
There are no words that can express, the way I feel inside.

She’s now a woman old enough, to go out on her own.
I still can’t get it in my mind, my little girl is grown.

This day approached so quickly, and in just a little while,
I’ll have to take my daughter’s arm, to walk her down the isle.

I’ll stand there beside her, when I hear the preacher say,
“Is there one among you, who will give this girl away?”

I will repeat the simple phrase, I was instructed to.
Then I will smile and loudly say, “Her mother and I do.”

Then I will turn and walk away, and find the second pew,
And realize that was the hardest thing I’ll ever do.

It’s not that I’m not happy, for the life she now will start.
I know she found a great young man, who’s given her his heart.

I guess it’s just a “father thing,” as I choke back the tears.
I was the only man who shared, her life through all these years.

Most father’s will not tell you, this day brings a little grieving.
In their heart they know, a little part of them is leaving.

They are happy, they are sad, emotions running wild.
Why is it the father’s job, to give away a child?

A father knows his life will change, after all of this,
But only wants his daughter, to find total happiness.

So as I stand and say the words, I’m giving her away,
To a very special young man, on this special day.

Know this my young, sweet daughter, that way down deep in my heart,
You’ll always be my little girl, and we will never part.

by James “PoppyK” Kisner

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