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God Bless ALL The Children

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I struggled with the challenge,once more presented me.
The fear my daughter again was ill and would be called upon to leave.
Although I wanted to fall upon, my knees, in prayer to you.
You patiently took me by the hand and taught me what to do.
I trusted you completely, the wisdom of your words.
That need to be unselfish, if I was to be heard.
So I thanked you for her birth and life when she was young.
For everything that she was now and all she might become.
I prayed for ALL your children, who suffered in the world.
My reward, Your loving mercy when you spared my little girl.
Now whenever I’m alone and on my knees to pray.
“God Bless ALL the Children of the World” are the words I always say.

Thank you God

Used with Permission

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