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In Search of God

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One Sunday, during the children’s time with the pastor, the pastor asked all the children to spend one afternoon searching for God and then come back and tell him what they had found. One little boy, named Bobby, did just that.

Bobby spent the following Saturday doing just what the pastor had asked, searching for God.

First Bobby went to the park. While he was at the park, he saw families swimming, eating and children swinging on the swings. Bobby walked down to the lake and saw ducks paddling their way across the water. Bobby lied on his back in the grass and watched the clouds move by. After walking through the whole park, Bobby decided to give up on his search for God and go home.

On the way home Bobby saw Mrs. Johnston, who was one of his neighbors, and she asked him if he needed a ride. Bobby said, “No thank you Mrs. Johnston. I want to walk.” Mrs. Johnston said, “o.k.” and good-bye to Bobby as she drove away.

When Bobby was near his house he saw Mr. Arnold unloading groceries from his car, and Bobby asked him if he needed help. Mr. Arnold said, “Sure Bobby, I could use a hand.” Bobby helped Mr. Arnold carry several sacks into the house, and then he continued his walk towards home.

When Bobby got to the church he decided to see if the pastor was there, to tell him that he had spent the afternoon searching for God but hadn’t found him. Bobby found the pastor and the pastor said, “Hi Bobby. Why do you look so down?”

Bobby said, “I did what you told us to do. I spent the afternoon looking for God, but I didn’t find him.”

The pastor asked Bobby to sit down and tell him how he had spent the afternoon.

Bobby told him he went to the park, and the pastor said, “What did you see at the park?”

Bobby said, “I saw families playing, and I saw ducks swimming on the lake and I watched the clouds.”

The pastor said, “God is present in families. God is present wherever people are joined together in love. God is also present in nature. Nature is God’s creation and so are all the animals in it. God is also present in the clouds. God created the clouds, just like he created the rain and the wind.” Then the pastor asked, “What else did you see and do this afternoon?”

Bobby said, “Well, I saw Mrs. Johnston, and she offered me a ride home, and I helped Mr. Arnold unload his groceries from his car. That is all.”

The pastor said, “God is present when someone offers to help us, just like when Mrs. Johnston offered you a ride home. You found out one more thing about God today, do you know what that is?”

“No,” said Bobby.

“God was present when you offered to help Mr. Arnold. You see, God is present in your heart. I would say you had a very successful day looking for God.”

Bobby agreed and said good-bye to the pastor. He could not wait to get home and tell his Mom that he had such a great day searching for, and finding God.

by Rebecca Chamaa
Used with Permission

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