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Your Son and Mine

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Daddy’s Little Buddy.
The miracle before my eyes.
A reminder of God’s presence,
Every time I see him smile.
His laughter is a joy to my Heart.
His forgiveness makes mine pale when compared.
He makes me laugh with a sense of humor,
That he is always willing to share.
The little things that excite him,
Make me remember the kid I used to be.
It reminds me to enjoy every moment more,
Instead of letting the world get to me.
Above all I only have to look at him,
His daddy’s pride and joy,
To remember to thank my Heavenly Father above,
For my special little boy.
I understand now how much God loves us,
Every time I hold him tight.
God gave up the Son He loved so much,
To give us eternal life.
Thank You God For your Son and mine.

by Jay Parr
Used with Permission

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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
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