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Something To Someone

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I don’t wish to be
Everything to Everyone
But I would like to be
Something to Someone

For while some people have
A shoulder to cry on
It is the destiny of others
That they must cry alone

We should always remember
– To themselves
No one is just another person

Touch gently the Life
Of your fellow man
For the human heart
Shapes as easily
As clay upon
The potter’s wheel

Our path is a little clearer
Our steps are a little lighter
And we appear a little taller
When we walk beside
Someone we Love

The pain we feel
When someone leaves our life
Is in direct proportion
To the joy they bring
While a part of our life
For a few moments
In my Life
You made me feel
As if I truly meant
Something to Someone
– Javan

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Rating: +27 (from 29 votes)
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