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Genesis 24, vs. 22-31 with Betty

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 22 And it came to pass, as the camels had done drinking, that the man took a golden earring of half a shekel weight, and two bracelets for her hands of ten shekels weight of gold;

23 And said, Whose daughter art thou? tell me, I pray thee: is there room in thy father’s house for us to lodge in?

24 And she said unto him, I am the daughter of Bethuel the son of Milcah, which she bare unto Nahor.

25 She said moreover unto him, We have both straw and provender enough, and room to lodge in.

26 And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord.

27 And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham, who hath not left destitute my master of his mercy and his truth: I being in the way, the Lord led me to the house of my master’s brethren.

28 And the damsel ran, and told them of her mother’s house these things.

29 And Rebekah had a brother, and his name was Laban: and Laban ran out unto the man, unto the well.

30 And it came to pass, when he saw the earring and bracelets upon his sister’s hands, and when he heard the words of Rebekah his sister, saying, Thus spake the man unto me; that he came unto the man; and, behold, he stood by the camels at the well.

31 And he said, Come in, thou blessed of the Lord; wherefore standest thou without? for I have prepared the house, and room for the camels.

K.J.V. Bible Text

 My Thoughts:

I’m not sure whether the servant paid Rebekah with the gold he gave her or whether it was a present.  Either way, however, the presentation of gold was a certain way to establish himself as a person of some importance.

His request for lodging had a great likelihood of being honored because of the gold he provided, but the servant did not take the success of his mission for granted.

He immediately bowed down and worshipped the Lord, thanking Him for being faithful to his promises to Abraham.

When Rebekah’s brother Laban saw the gold that the servant had given the girl, he went down to the spring and offered him hospitality.

I imagine that the servant  felt very satisfied that he had found a girl who would fit his purpose with so little difficulty.   It is unlikely, however that he realized that all these many years later the event would still provide a lesson to us that obstacles are removed from our way when we go about the work of the Lord.

Betty Killebrew

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