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Kids at Grandma’s

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The kids came to Grandma’s house

And turned it upside down;

You couldn’t find a place to walk

With all the toys around.

The cousins are the greatest friends;

They got along quite well

Except for once or twice

When someone had a temper spell.

Of course, they broke a knick-knack—

That’s why Grandma has her glue

And after all the children left

She made it “good as new.”

The baby fought off sleep so long,

He made himself so mad

That he had the longest crying spell

Grandma ever saw him have.

He also did some spittin’ up:

There was chocolate on some faces,

And several things kept here and there

Are now in other places.

But grandma has new things to tell

To last the whole week through;

When grandkids come to Grandma’s house

She loves whatever they do!

Elizabeth Ruth

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