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Grounded in His Word

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Sometimes I feel like giving up, just throwing in the towel,
When all I feel is pain and doubt, and start to wonder how
I’ll ever make it through the day, and through the long, dark night.
But somehow, Lord, You come along, and make everything all right.

No, you don’t always remove the pain, but You give me strength to endure.
When I feel Your presence near me, it makes me know for sure
That no matter what may come my way, somehow we’ll get through it.
I just lean on You, and do my part, the only way I know to do it.

If I’m grounded in Your Word, Lord, I can see how you’ve helped others:
For Job, Paul, David and Noah are all my Christian brothers.
Lord, You helped them out, when things looked bleak and dark.
Somehow, they came out better, though they did bear the mark.

The mark that You place on Your servants’ hearts, to show we’re Yours.
Our having gotten through our trial, show Your strength endures.
It gives us the chance to witness to those who would never hear
The story of how You died for us, despite and sins and fear.

by Beth Fisher
Used with Permission

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Rating: +11 (from 11 votes)
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