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His Circle of Love

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Love is a funny word
I thought I knew what this was all about
I discovered it only when mama was old
When wordly things no longer had hold

She needed us, Oh! How she needed us
But how many lingered, or sacrificed or thought of her pain
Her earthly riches, wisdom and guidance have long since gone
Yes, generations to come will inherit and be blessed as time goes on.

She is stretching out a hand to all of us
Come, she says, sit by my side, forgive and forget
There’s room in the circle for you yet.

Siblings will you enter?

Look, she says, my Jesus is here, ever so near
He will guide and keep you in the coming years
And whenever He takes me to the Heaven above
I’ll be waiting for you in His Circle of Love

by Blossom Lyew Sang
Used with Permission

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Rating: +8 (from 10 votes)
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