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I’m Only In The Other Room

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My Father called, and, I’m sorry I had to leave.
It’s o.k. I know you love me when you grieve.
I’m now standing in glory with God, and that, you must believe.
There will be times when you’ll wish I was back, but, just remember this:
I’m only in the other room,
The one my Master made for me.
I’m only in the other room,
That space in your hearts, you saved, just for me.
I’m only in the other room,
I love you each, as love should be.
There’ll come a time, when we’ll reunite…
It’s in the other room.

by Brenda VanderWerff
Used with Permission

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Rating: +26 (from 26 votes)
I'm Only In The Other Room, 100% based on 26 ratings

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