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The Paperboy

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He sat there all alone outside
the cardboard box in which he stayed
Reflections of the fire he’d built
were on the alley walls displayed
The flames danced from a tiny fire
he built to try and keep him warm
The papers weren’t all sold that day
so burning them would do no harm
He’d been a paperboy since back
before his mom and dad had died
He couldn’t seem to sell enough
but every afternoon he tried
Attending school was out because
the papers came at half-past-noon
The best locations-where to sell-
would all be taken very soon
That dark abandoned alley where
he sat and shivered-tired and cold.
Would be off-limits very soon –
“Move on”, that day he had been told
He hadn’t eaten all day long
and soon the fire would dwindle down
With eye lids closed he thought of food
then fell asleep there on the ground
It seemed he dreamed about a place
where all were filled with peace and joy
A place where there were Moms and Dads
for every girl and every boy
Crystal seas were all around,
and all the streets were paved with gold
Jasper walls and mansions tall
and no one there was growing old
No one ever knew of thirst –
nor hunger- heartache – hurt or pain
All the air was filled with love
and from the skies each day would rain
Kids all went to Christian schools
to sing and studied Bible verse
And everything was free to all
‘cause no one had a money purse
He stood beside a pearly gate
two angels slowly opened wide
They said, “well done – the prize you’ve won,
and now dear child please come inside”
He woke at dawn and gave a yawn
then off to work he quickly went
His sales were good – he bought some food
and nearly all his money spent
That night he huddled in the alley
hoped his dream would start again
He longed to know what happened after
he had been invited in
The papers left were just a few
he burned them slowly one by one
And hoped he wouldn’t freeze that night
when all the burning had been done
Then just before he fell asleep
he heard “A Voice” begin to say
“Tomorrow you’ll be here with Me
you’ll never work another day
I’ve watched the things you say and do
observed the way you try to live
I’ve looked within your heart and seen
the love that you have tried to give
The times you’ve helped old ladies cross
the street I’ve been around to see
The times you gave a lonely bum
a bite to eat – you gave to Me
You gave to some of your last cent
to others helping hands you leant
And I was there each time you’d share
` so now My Love to you is sent
Tonight you’ll dream a dream again
that I begin – it’s just for you
But the dream I send won’t ever end
tonight. . .your dream. . .comes true !”

by Ron Baron
Used with Permission

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