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Prepare your Child for New Situations.

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There is something I learned from raising a “difficult” child that I now utilize with my grandchildren, both the exasperating ones and those with sweet temperaments.  I think it helps them cope with new situations.

Prepare your child for everything.  Don’t let him walk into a strange situation with no preparation. Tell him what he will see, what you will do, what he should do and what he can expect to happen.  Role-play a little bit.  He is more likely to feel competent and stay calm at the ice cream stand if you have rehearsed all the way there exactly what he will say when he orders the ice cream.

We often tell a child when they are doing something wrong, but how can we expect them to behave properly without them knowing exactly what proper behavior is? If my husband and I take a child to a restaurant, we tell them in advance what kind of behavior we expect and why they should behave that way.  We almost always have good results.

To paraphrase an old saying, “An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.”

B. Killebrew

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