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What you can do to help The Blues

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“I feel so blue; I don’t know what to do to get over it.”  Have you ever said that to yourself?    Here’s some help for your dilemma. Do something for someone else.

I am not a doctor or psychiatrist and what I’m about to say is not about people with severe diagnosed depression.  For that you need expert medical and psychiatric help. That said, however, everyone I ever knew who was depressed or suffered from “the blues” seemed to have a disconnection from the rest of humanity.  Being engrossed in your own misery is no way to cure the blues.

Yes, I know that we can’t just say, “I won’t be depressed,” and get over it; but I also know that whether your blueness or depression arrives suddenly with some overwhelming sadness or you just sink lower and lower and don’t really know why; there’s a good chance you are going to have to dig your way out with a teaspoon, a lot of small efforts repeated over and over.  That’s when the suggestion I made above becomes important.

Continual concentration on your blues, tiredness—your depression—just does nothing to alleviate it.  Look outside yourself for the answer.  If you can manage to do something for someone else, some little courtesy or assistance with some little job that needs doing, you may help your brain, emotions, whatever it is that houses your depression, begin to heal.  The more you reach out to other people, the more that “my misery, my misery” loop in your head will lose its grip.

So what should you do for yourself today if you feel too blue to do anything at all?  Do something for someone else.  It will help you more than it does the “someone else”.

Betty Killebrew

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