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A Lifetime of Marriage

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You’re “in love” with each other and you think that’s the key

For having a marriage that’s the way it should be.

Well, that’s just the start of a lifetime together—

You’ll need more than love to get through stormy weather.

You can’t build a house by tearing it down;

You can’t keep a spouse by wearing a frown.

Whoever you marry, there are better and worse—

So just take the advice that’s contained in this verse.

Some days will bring heartache, others distress;

But you can’t simply “wash your hands” of the mess.

Marriage requires that when things go awry

You give the relationship “just one more” try.

Stick it out, suck it up, make one more new start;

A lifetime of living involves more than your heart.

Every day of your life, you must start anew,

Putting aside all you’ve had to go through,

Until comes a day when you look back at the life

You spent together as husband and wife,

Knowing your marriage grew strong through the years

You endured all that heartache, anger and tears

And knowing the goal was well worth the pain

And that you’d be willing to do it again.

                                                      Elizabeth Ruth

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