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Defeating Sin

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Defeating Sin

My mother used to tell me,

“God is everywhere,”

So I would try to see Him

Around me in the air;

And though I never saw Him,

I felt Him watching me;

When I did something bad,

I knew that He could see.

I tried hard to be perfect,

Completely free of wrong;

But of course, I always failed

And it never took too long.

Then I’d always start again

To be better than before,

And once again my best intentions

Went flying out the door.

Of course, no human’s perfect;

I learned that through the years;

Most of us aren’t better

Or much worse than our peers;

But we all can enter heaven

Because Jesus paid our way

When he was cruelly crucified

On Calvary that day.

There’s no point in useless striving

To ourselves defeat our sin

When our Savior will defeat it

If we just let him in.

                          Betty Killebrew

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