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Why don’t you try going to church?

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I often advise people to go to church for pragmatic rather than spiritual reasons.

My own return to church after a nearly twenty-year absence was because I was worried about my children. I felt that the older ones were beginning to go off in the wrong direction. When I looked at successful parents, I realized most of them were regular church goers.  Because I wanted to do my parenting job a little better, I started attending church every Sunday morning and every Sunday evening.  Only six weeks or so later, the Holy Spirit moved me.  I had been baptized long before, but I went forward to the altar and re-affirmed my faith. Before the year was out, my husband also accepted Christ and some years later I saw the youngest of my children baptized into the Lord.

I have no feelings of guilt whatever when I urge someone to come to church just to get a handle on how church people live—what they do to keep their bills paid even on low incomes and how they raise good children.   It may not seem as if I’m trying to save souls, but I know if I get someone into the church, God will take care of the rest.

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