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I “Like” Religion

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I heard today on the news that who or what you “Like” on Facebook is not privileged information.  If you “like” something, it can be used against you in life situations, including courts of law.

On the same newscast, I heard about a town where there has been an attempt made to remove a Vietnam era War Memorial. The reason:  There is a cross on top of the memorial.  I don’t know about you, but that kind of information makes me all the more determined to “Like” anything I see on line if it has any positive bearing on the freedom to be religious or express our opinions without fear of repercussions.

For those who would like to tear down every cross—I have no quarrel whatever with their non-belief; but I wonder how the mere sight of a cross can offend them if they truly believe it is just two sticks of wood  nailed together, with no other significance.  Are they also offended by the stars in the sky because the Bible says God set them in the firmament?

Those of us who care about religion and freedom of religion must make our voices heard.  For too long now the secular world has been chipping away at our freedom to be Christians.  Schools may not be the place to evangelize, but should schools that permit the reading of books about witchcraft prohibit students from reading the Bible if they wish?   I don’t think so.

Our forebears came to this country in search of freedom of religion.  Later on, a great war was fought  for independence from the crown of England to secure freedom for this country.

Are we, as the majority, giving up our freedom of religion and freedom to illustrate our religion with both words and crosses because of  the tyranny of a few who would have us all be devoid of appreciation for a divine being because they don’t believe?

B. Killebrew



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