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Leaves on trees and in The Book,

Both are worth a second look.

Leaves that grow upon the trees,

Murmur softly in the breeze.

Listen closely, you will hear

Creation’s message in your ear.

If you decide to take a look

At the “leaves” of the Good Book,

You will read about the way

Creation took just six short days.

Hold a leaf within your hand;

See God’s being in each strand.

The nature of this simple thing,

Can only one conclusion bring—

That accident could not have made

The complexity of leaves that shade.

Divine intelligence is clear to see

In the leaf design of every tree;

And as each year, new leaves spring out,

God exists without a doubt;

And I believe that God’s full plan

Includes provision for trees and men;

That just as leaves re-bud each year

We are reborn when life ends here.

Betty Killebrew

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