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Stardust in your Crown

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Though I never met the woman

Who was called suddenly by our Lord,

I think from what I knew of her,

She journeyed heavenward.

A short while back, she phoned me

About something on her wall;

It was something I had written

And it prompted her to call

To tell me she enjoyed it

And it brought back memories,

And she wanted me to know that

Because she thought I would be pleased.

That was a special moment

For a poet such as I—

Someone whose work is simple

And usually written on the fly.

I was heartened by the thoughtful way

She called to let me know,

And now I think there’s stardust

In her crown where she now goes.

I’m writing this to tell you

You should never hesitate

To say something kind to others

That they’ll appreciate;

Because a thoughtful little moment

Taken from your busy days

May also add some stardust

To your crown of heavenly praise.

 B. Killebrew

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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
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