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Little Angel in Heaven

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Once upon a time, in heaven, there was a sweet little angel whom Jesus loved.  Of course Jesus loves all angels as well as all children; but this angel was particularly dear to him because she sat at his feet every day, all day long.

This sweet little angel was always there to meet everyone who arrived in Heaven.  As soon as God said, “Well done, you can come in,” the little angel was always the first to say, “Welcome to heaven.”  Then she would ask questions.  “What is it like on earth?” she would ask; and she would listen very closely to all she was told.  She was particularly interested when a little child was called to heaven.  Sometimes they would come in tears, afraid they would miss their mommy and daddy.  Jesus always soothed those children immediately telling them it would only be a moment in heaven before their parents came to join them.  Sure enough, a moment later, the parents would arrive and the three went together onto the streets of Heaven to live in perfect joy; but the little angel stayed on beside Jesus’ feet, waiting for the next newcomer to whom she would say, “What is it like on earth?”

After eons of time on earth, although only a short time in heaven, the little angel could contain her curiosity no more. “Please, Jesus,” she asked “Let me go to earth.   I want to see for myself what it is like.”

Of course, Jesus did not want to send his little companion to suffer the travails of the world.  He did not want her to suffer even for the moment in heaven that she could live a lifetime on earth, but Jesus loved the little angel very much and he could see no reason not to allow her to go; so he allowed the little angel to be born on earth where she would have a mommy and a daddy and see exactly what it was like to have a human life.

In the blink of an eye, the little angel returned to heaven.  Even Jesus was surprised that she returned so soon, but he spoke to her tenderly, “You did not have a long life on earth,” He said.

“No,” said the little angel still a little confused from her time on earth.  “But it was a good life.  I had a wonderful mommy and daddy and I am sorry to leave them.”

“Don’t be concerned, Little One,” Jesus reminded her.  “They will be here in a moment.”

Sure enough, a moment later the parents of a dear little girl who died while yet an innocent young child, parents who had spent long years grieving and waiting, arrived in heaven. The little angel and her parents from earth recognized each other immediately and they were soon walking the streets of heaven together; and although Jesus missed the little angel that used to sit at his feet, he was happy to see the angel be reunited with the parents she had loved on earth.


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