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Lord Bless this Precocious Child

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This is a poem written for my Granddaughter. I hope everyone that reads it will join me in praying for her and all other little children who today seem to be on a too quick track toward adulthood.


She’s four-years old, going on fifteen

And I pray for her young soul;

May God lead her to His side

And toward His eternal goal.

So much temptation faces her

As she grows up so fast;

I pray Lord she can put you first

And other pleasures last.

Lord somehow lead this little girl

So her worldly, too wise ways

Will not bring her to folly

In her upcoming days.

I know the world she faces—

It is not the one I knew—

But Lord I pray you’ll lead her

And let her, unscathed, come through.

In the name of Lord Jesus, I pray,


Edwina Williams

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  • Peggy

    This prayer really touched my heart, not just for my granddaughters but my grandson too. This world is being lost and we must pray harder then ever for our children. Thank you for your prayer.

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