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High School Reunion

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I don’t believe I’m the only one who ever felt this way about a high school reunion.  Does this describe how you feel about that all-important occasion?


 Did I want to come to this reunion?

I’m really not quite sure;

At best, I guess I’d have to say,

My motives aren’t quite pure.

I’m glad to see you all again—

That part is really true,

But I wish that you weren’t seeing me

While I am seeing you.

I really want to find out

How you’ve changed in all this time

But I want to learn your secrets

Without exposing all of mine.

I still have no security

In spite of all the years

When once again I find myself

Among my high school peers,

For once again when seeing you

I know myself a sham;

No matter how I hide myself,

You know me as I am!

So if I could leave myself at home

And come tonight without me,

My spirit would be here for sure,

But the rest of me would not be.

 C. Betty Payton Killebrew

Sept. 3, 1988

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Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
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