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God’s Mighty Works

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Behold the wondrous miracles our awesome God performs.
He creates the glorgeous sunrise, that each new day adorns.
The power of the lightning, the loud rumble of the thunder…
It’s no surprise that our very lives are filled with awestruck wonder.

Each precious little baby, their bodies He creates.
His work is done invisibly, as each new mother awaits
The birth of her little miracle, for she knows its life will be
A gift from God, the Father, given abundantly.

The majestic mountain splendor, the power of the sea.
The radiant colors of sunsets, that He paints masterfully.
Volcano’s fiery fury, and water-formed rock formations
Didn’t end up here by accident, all are His creations.

A rainbow’s spectrum of color, that spreads across the sky.
A rippling brook that calms you, as it laughingly passes by.
The sight and scent of flowers, the eagle that gracefully soars.
Through all of these, our Generous Father, to us His love out pours.

But to me, the greatest miracle He will ever bring about
Is the grace He shows to each of us – it makes me want to SHOUT!
For the very hands that form all of these wondrous sights we see
Are holding me in their embrace, lovingly and securely.

by Beth Fisher
Used with Permission

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Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
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