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And the Lord said GO!

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And the Lord said GO!
And I said who me?
And He said Yes You.
And I said
But I’m not ready yet
And there is studying to be done.
I’ve got this part-time job.
You know how tight my schedule is.
And He said You’re Stalling.

Again the Lord said GO!
And I said I didn’t want to.
And He said I Didn’t Ask If You Wanted To.
And I said
Listen I’m not the kind of person
To get involved in controversy.
Besides my friends won’t like it
And what will my roommate think?
And He said Baloney.

And yet a third time the Lord said GO!
And I said do I have to?
And He said Do You Love Me?
And I said
Look I’m scared.
People are going to hate me
And cut me into little pieces.
I can’t take it all by myself.
And He said Where Do You Think I’ll Be?

And the Lord said GO!
And I sighed
Here I am…send me.


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1 comment to And the Lord said GO!

  • This is a normal story of most Christians. God called us many times but we are this stubborn that we keep on giving reasons why we cant follow Him, but He is very patient with us that He always give us chances to follow Him, not only once, not twice but many many times. We should be really thankful to God for what Jesus had done to us. Jesus deserves the best of us.

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