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Dear Mary

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If you were here beside me – I’d give you hugs and a kiss,
But since you’re with Jesus – I’ll tenderly “Reminisce”
Some folks may need to write – others need a final “good by”
Many spend a long time grieving – and can’t do much but cry.
But you’ve made the grade, sweetie – I’ll not think, “Poor me”
For death is the beginning of Life – as God meant it to be.

I prefer to spend my time – counting blessings galore;
I’ve gotten more than my share – and a whole lot more!
I’m so grateful you were sent – from the Great Master above.
My heart is all “aglow” – with an eternal LOVE.

Human nature could cause me – to grieve away “hours”
I could run to the cemetery – with oodles of flowers.
But your earthly life is over – “I” must go on.
Though your body is buried – your “love” isn’t gone.
Yes, I feel your presence – in a spiritual way;
So, you’ll always be with me – forever and a day.

Yes, my little darling – you’ve passed the final quest:
I’m happy you’re with JESUS – you, NOW have the “Best”
So how could I grieve – though you’re no longer near;
Yes, there’s an emptiness – but my heart swells with a cheer!

Sure I’m experiencing – oh, such “sweet” SORROW,
But someday I’ll be with you – in that Eternal Tomorrow.
Till then – I’ll not be seeing your sweet face,
But I’ll carry on – abiding, in GOD’S sufficient GRACE!

Love You Always!


Mary Katherine Kohl
(2-19-1996) ©

Luke 23:43 And Jesus said, “Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.”

Used by Permission

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1 comment to Dear Mary

  • The comment above is right that says “Many of us have been through this kind of feeling as well. May the souls of the departed continue to rest in the Lord’s bossom.” Yes, many of us feels that way but what is good about it is still we learn to trust God and also as effect that wall of feeling will be automatically removed.

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