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Missing You

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Today as I sat in the midst of despair
Hurting and crying, grasping for air
I know its time to say my final goodbye
Yet, I can not now, all I do is cry.
Nothing can prepare me for this day
Because quite too soon, you’ve gone away
I promise to go on with my life
Reminiscing of memories, of things so nice
Yes, I know I’ve got to take a stand
Always remembering you, my son-a great man
As I woke this morning, the tears had gone
In my heart I know, I’m not alone
You left me with something so dear
No matter where! You’ll always be near
The hurt and pain has seemed to ease
My son, I know this makes you pleased
I’m taking it one day at a time,
My son, my son, I’m doing just fine..

Used by Permission of the Family

BY DEBRA COOK (friend of the family)

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