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To Be a Leader

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To be a leader is to be vulnerable–to meet the disapproving stares of others with the joy and certainty of God’s infinite love;

To be a leader is to be imperfect–to enjoy the enriching process of a new challenge with the hope and confidence of the Master;

To be a leader is to be naive–to believe the very best of all people in the love and acceptance of our Savior;

To be a leader is to be trusting–to disregard dire projections of gloom for the joy and creativity of our Creator;

To be a leader is to be honest–to own our sinfulness with the sincerity and authenticity of the Spirit;

To be a leader is to be unique–to accept the wonderful gift of self, in the knowledge and understanding of community;

To be a leader is to be free–to welcome recurring waves of change with the awe and wonder of a child;

To be a leader is to be empowering–to share the exhilarating power of information in the establishment of inter-connectedness;

To be a leader is to be humble–to give the inestimable gift of flexibility with the grace and forgiveness of God;

To be a leader is to be whole–to know the startling reality that I am central, yet peripheral, in God’s plan for the world;

To be a leader is to be weak–to understand that I can rest in the hollow of God’s hand only in the total yielding and complete trusting of my child’s heart.

by Dee Bernhardt

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  • We all know that to be leader is a great responsibility that all should be taking seriously. All leaders should be anointed by God. For all those leaders out there, let us pray to God to guide us in leading our Brethren.

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