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Be Well, Here or There (a prayer for a critically ill friend)

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 Because that’s all that I could do,

Today I said a prayer for you.

I thought about when Jesus came

And cured all those who called His name;

And wished that He were here today

To also cure you in that way.

If you could only touch His hand

Or just His robe, He’d understand.

If Jesus were with us alive

And if you saw Him, you would thrive;

But Jesus returned to His home above

Where He sits with God and always loves,

So if He decides not to cure you here,

Perhaps it’s because He wants you near;

So dear friend I pray you will be well,

Either here or there—Only God can tell—

But either way, this prayer’s for you,

Whatever our Lord decides to do.

Lord, take care of my friend. In the name of Lord Jesus, I pray.  Amen

B. Killebrew

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Rating: +6 (from 10 votes)
Be Well, Here or There (a prayer for a critically ill friend), 60% based on 10 ratings

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