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Going up or Going Down?

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One of my young relatives has been in trouble all of her adult life for drugs and for theft. She has also gone from one “love” relationship to another.  In the past year, however, she has lived with her aging parents and has behaved very well.  I was dismayed when I learned she had taken her parents’ car and stayed away all night two times in the past week.  This is part of a letter I wrote her.  It may seem harsh, but if she cannot accept this well-meant advice and act upon it, she will be lost to her family, society and the Kingdom of God. 

Dear Niece,

 I am heartily aggravated and ashamed of you. Whatever you may actually do while staying out all night–or whatever story you choose to tell yourself or others–the fact that is the beginning of your downfall is that you DID STAY OUT ALL NIGHT! Not once, but twice.

I once heard that nothing happens after midnight that decent people should participate in. I believe that’s true. You are standing at the top of a precipice and can either make up your mind to turn away from the temptations that have, in the past, always lured you into the pit or you can fiddle around with little misdeeds until you fall head first once more into inequity. It’s your decision but I will have no use for you if you don’t do the following:

1. Stay home with your children.

2. Take care of the home your parents provide for you.

3. Take care of your parents.

4. Think of everyone for whom you are responsible ahead of yourself.

5. Never ever leave your children alone all night.

6. Never ever use an unlawful substance again.

7. Never ever take anything that is not yours from ANYONE.

8. Never ever engage in fornication again, (Save yourself for lawful marriage to someone.)

9. Never ever think you can commit a “little” sin. There’s no such thing.

10. Pray daily both with requests for God to assist in your improvement and thanks for all he has done for you in the past.
Quite simply, you can choose to be a Christian or not. If you choose Christian behavior, the rest of your life will improve day by day. If you choose the other direction, God will turn his back on you as surely as you turn your back on him.

With love,

Your Aunt


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1 comment to Going up or Going Down?

  • Lorine U Sotomayor

    Praying for her would be more effective than condemnation. Who are we to judge? Only God is the True Judge. This is criticism at its worst and will not help her any. God is LOVE and you need to love her into the Kingdom without condemnation. PRAY FOR HER DAILY AND LOVE HER! That is what she needs…the Love of God from her family.
    Yeshua Hamashiach! Jesus is Messiah!

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