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A Prayer a Minute

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There is so much to pray about, I had to find a way

To say each of those needed prayers every single day;

So it came about that my prayers are said

When certain thoughts come in my head.

If I think of you and know your need,

On your behalf to God I plead;

And if I think about a looming war

Or of a famine, then I pray some more.

Any grief or sorrow of which I learn

Will cause my mind to prayer to turn;

And so I’m praying hour by hour,

Seeking for our dear Lord’s power;

And though my prayers aren’t inefficient

They certainly are not sufficient.

Just one person’s prayers are small

Against the monumental needs of all;

So I ask you please to pray with me

For every single need you see.

Together with a prayer a minute

We’ll improve the world because we’re in it.

 B. Killebrew




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