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When you can’t talk with your loved ones anymore…

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Because we can’t visit anymore

With loved ones who go on before,

An empty place dwells in our hearts,

Never to be filled when they depart.

It  makes our sadness hard to bear

To know there are things we’ll no more share,

And to think of things we cannot say

To that dear one who went away.

There’s not much help getting through the time

When your loved one is always on your mind;

But recall that your messages may yet get through,

Though response cannot return to you.

So talk away as though they are near

Until your grieving eases here;

And though time doesn’t always heal,

Passing time helps a great deal.

And remember this, your duty’s clear

To live life well while you’re still here.

It’s what your lost one wants for you,

And if it were possible would help you do.  

Elizabeth Ruth

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Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)
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