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A moment in time…

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I am fascinated by the knowledge that there is no time but NOW.  Nothing we ever do can change one moment of the past and we can only conjecture how our actions of today will affect our tomorrows. Life is lived one moment at a time. 

Your consciousness of life is of the moment you’re in. The past is a memory that is really no more than a story about how we got to right now.

Have you ever tried to remember a happy moment to cheer you up when you are sad?  It’s difficult, isn’t it?  If you are sad at this moment, you are consumed by the sadness.  Only an event in the future, an event which you can long for, hope for and think will come can affect that sadness, and eventually, that event or some other one you do not foresee will come along and cheer you up–but of course, that’s a moment in the future…it is not NOW.

No amount of past happiness can make up for the searing pain when a love affair breaks up or for the grief at the loss of a loved one. In fact, the memory of past happiness can sometimes make you feel sorry for yourself  about the present dismal state you are in, making it seem even worse.

As I wrote the above, I was trying to determine in my own mind if a past sadness could affect a present happiness.  I suppose it could be possible to “think yourself sorry” but who would make the effort while they were in a state of elation?  Happiness, especially singing happiness that floods through you on happy occasions, is the type of emotion that doesn’t lead to introspection.

In my life, I have accepted the concept of living in the moment and I waste no effort in fighting it.  Instead, I embrace the principle. 

If in this moment, I think you look wonderful–in this exact moment, I will tell you so.  If I see that you are faltering in life, I will tell you what concerns me and hope that even if you become angry with me, it will somehow help turn you away from your folly and lead you to happier moments in the future.  When I have done something wrong myself, I waste none of my precious moments in evasion.  I confess to whomever I have done wrong and apologize.  I try not to let that wrongdoing ruin any of my future moments by asking God’s forgiveness as well, right then and at any other moment when I am reminded of my failing.

When you build a house, you have to know what you want the house to look like when you begin or it will be a crazy structure, so I do believe in planning.  But as I build my life, I know the moments in it are the building blocks that make up the whole.  If every moment is utilized for the good of God, I will end up with a good life—one moment at a time.

Betty Killebrew

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