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Where’s a kid when you need one?

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 The other day my grandson, 6 ½ months old stayed with me for a few hours. He spent most of the time playing on an old comfort on the floor and he put on quite a show.

He has learned to turn over so quickly it’s more like a flip than a roll, and he also has a terrific trick of turning his whole little body in a complete circle with a crab like motion than allows him to turn around without moving much in any direction.

He is able to creep forward a little on his belly and he’s working hard to learn to crawl, although so far it’s mostly rising to his hands and knees and rocking until he gives up and stretches out again.

I watched this show all afternoon until it neared time to go to church. As my husband would stay with him and I would go to church alone, I thought it would be great to record a little video of his antics to show off to my church friends.

I thought I knew how to take pictures and videos with my I-Pad—I have even done it before; but this time I spent over 10 minutes stewing over that I-Pad and couldn’t even figure out how to snap one still picture.

I fervently wished my granddaughters were there.  One is eleven; the other four; but both of them snap pictures and record videos with my I-pad every time they come over. Next time one of them is here, Grandma is going to get a lesson!

 B. Killebrew

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