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Is it possible?

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Is it possible in times of great stress for a telepathic message to pass between loved ones even though they are a great distance apart?  Can a person somehow let us know they have crossed over even though we are far from them when they die?  Is it possible for someone to foretell his or her own death?

Recently I was reminded of a story I hadn’t heard for years. My cousin was seriously wounded while serving as a rear gunner in a plane during World War II. The pilot of the plane would have ditched the craft if it had not been for the serious injuries of my cousin. The pilot nursed the plane back to the base because my cousin could not bail out.  My aunt told everyone that at the moment her son suffered this serious injury she heard a loud bang in the bedroom next to the room where she was seated and that she knew immediately that something had happened to him.

Years later, when the son died long before his mother, relatives went to his mother’s house to tell her. She met them at the door and told them she already knew he was gone.

Another story, often repeated in my family, is a about a relative who “saw the death angel” sitting on a fence one night when she went to the outhouse. She told her family someone was going to die and within a couple of days, she was the one who passed away.

It is said that prior to his death Abraham Lincoln dreamed about himself lying in state in the White House.

So at the moment when we are seriously injured or when we pass away, can we find some connection with those we love, some means of communication that transcends ordinary methods.  There have been far more documented cases of this than the minor ones I mention here.

I believe that God made us a human family with a broad network of universal feelings shared by all. Can this network transcend the bounds of time and space to deliver important messages? Does it include both the living and those who have already gone across the veil?  I would not be surprised if this were so.

Elizabeth Ruth

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