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Biking with Daddy (A Memorial to my Daddy on Father’s Day)

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For my Daddy, William Payton, who passed away March 30, 1979


Father’s Day reminds me of my special “Daddy Bill”

Who took me on his bicycle over dale and over hill.

He built a wooden “buddy seat” for the crossbar of his bike—

On this I rode around with him when I was but a tyke.

We didn’t have a car to drive, but I didn’t feel the lack;

It was a wondrous thing to ride with Daddy at my back.

On that seat, I learned the alphabet while riding ‘round the town

And learned to count from one to ten and then from ten back down.

How much joy there was in riding like a queen upon her steed,

Protected by the bulk of my Daddy’s arms and knees.

I wish every little girl could have a special buddy seat

And go on rides powered by her Daddy’s peddling feet,

For that was a relationship that every child should know—

My Daddy liked to be with me because he loved me so.

 Betty Killebrew

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