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Running for Excessercise

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Please note:  If you enjoy running and feel invigorated by it, please don’t take offense at this little poem.  I know full well that exercise is good for people, but after seeing a couple of people that looked strained and miserable while running, I wrote this poem to poke a little fun at those who overdo this “good thing”.

 Running for Excessercise

Every day I see on streets

Runners pounding aching feet,

Their faces grim, their breath in gasps,

Their pace not ever let to lapse.

With pure determination, they’re running for improvement

With intensity that borders on a little self-deludement.

How can it be a healthy thing to push your body so

When gasping lungs are crying out it’s time for you to slow?

Why push yourself to near collapse with all your muscles screeching;

Why not give yourself a break—as your body is beseeching?

Is your pride so strong you cannot bear to cut yourself some slack?

If not, please take this gentle hint; dial your intensity back!

 B. Killebrew

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Rating: +4 (from 8 votes)
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