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The A’s Have it

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Do you want to get ahead? First decide what kind of head you want.  A chicken head would probably be simplest.

 If you want to get atop of a situation, start climbing.

 Do you want to stay abreast of things?  There are probably many ways to go about it, but women have an advantage.

 How about staying afloat?  It helps if you have a boat.

If you think something’s afoot, I advise you to test it out with just one toe in the water.

 Do you want to make amends?  Don’t start by ripping the other person apart.

 Is there someone you can’t abide?  Say a bye-bye.

What if something’s amiss?  Be happy you found out about it before it became amrs.

 Are you amused?   Good, I appreciate it.

 Not amused?  Well then, just set this whole thing aside.

 Betty Killebrew



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