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My Favorite Stubborn Child

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Confident, competent, tough as any nail,

A little girl just four years old determined not to fail.

No shrinking violet here—no dainty little lass;

She stands firm on two small feet and often she will sass.

How strong she is, how full of life, how beautiful and stubborn,

A leader on the playground to whom other kids are summoned.

What hides behind her little face and her stubborn little pout?

Is there some quivering weakness there that really should come out?

Oh how I long to hold her and let her sob away,

But she’s too tough to ever let her fearfulness have sway.

I envy her the strength of will that she has forged of steel—

The never-letting-anyone discern what she may feel

But oh I worry for this child—this stubborn, willful child;

I’m concerned that in her willfulness, she’ll grow up to be wild.

God grant that her strong will may always lead her on

The path that leads to righteousness and not the one to wrong.


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1 comment to My Favorite Stubborn Child

  • Nice letter from a Grandmother, the strength and will of kids are really adorable. Especially, there innocent stares to us adults; maybe it is one of the reason why Jesus is really close to them, Our Lord loves them dearly.
    I was able to attend a seminar about handling Children Ministries that was conducted by the Children Evangelism Fellowship and they mentioned that the Children Ministry is the most neglected ministry in the world but it is the most important one. We should treasure the kids 🙂

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