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Waiting for Love

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We can envy others who have someone to love
But what we have is better because our love comes from up above

We may not have someone to physically hold
But we have God who will never leave us alone

Many times at night I wonder, when that day will be
When I will have somebody to make me happy

In the meantime I’ll just wait, sit and contemplate
Of how this love will be, so precious and great

So don’t envy those who has someone now
Our day will come, someday, somehow…

Corazon Santiago,

Used with Permission

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Rating: +8 (from 12 votes)
Waiting for Love, 67% based on 12 ratings

2 comments to Waiting for Love

  • Love can wait and always remain. God will never leave us and love us even how sinful we are.

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  • Teovelyn Lumapay

    Waiting maybe frustrating or somehow painful in some instances, but as we hold to God’s promises and as we handed the pen to Christ for Him to write our love story, it will turn frustration to excitement and pain to joy..Let’s trust God, He never fails..

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