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Animal talk…

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Catastrophe—a bad accident that happens to a feline animal.

 Kittenstrophe—a catastrophe of slightly smaller proportions.

 Paws—to stop for a while

Purr—something that is clear, not polluted.

Claws—a paragraph in a legal contract; sometimes very sharp language, luckily, can be withdrawn.

 Snail—a small metal pin used to fasten together pieces of swood.

 Tails—little stories about cats and dogs.

 Bark—a sharp staccato sound made by the outer layer of trees.

 Bow—bending your head or body toward another person to show respect.

 Bow-wow—a really terrific bow.

 Coat—a warm outer garment; often made of fur.

 Hare—one filament of material used to make fur.

 Fur—a long way to go.

 Antlers—lures used to attract ants.

 Ants—the insects who married your uncles.

 Deer—a term of endearment often expressed toward animals named Bambi.

 Doe—money spent to produce a movie about an animal named Bambi.

 Buck—a small portion of the money used to produce a movie about an animal named Bambi.

 Duck—a quick movement sometimes utilized to avoid getting quacked in the head.


 Incense—intense scents such as those emitted by skunks.

 Nonsense—see all of above. 

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