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A Lover’s Appetite

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You’re as comfortable as peanut butter,

As sweet as strawberry jam,

As wholesome as whole wheat toast

And as filling as country ham.

You’re all in the word that’s needed

For my hunger to be satisfied;

I never could forget you

Even if I really tried.

You’re the gravy on mashed potatoes,

The coffee in my cup;

And dear no matter what may come,

I’ll never give you up.

So please don’t leave me starving—

I must have you to live;

And if you will consent to have me,

To you, all my love I’ll give.


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1 comment to A Lover’s Appetite

  • Khonzeka Lady K Dywili

    Awesome stuff…I love the body of this writer’s work.
    It shows that the writer truly is in love and has got a great appetite for
    His/her lover.

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