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Evil still Exists

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 Today we don’t give much credence to the concept of evil. Even the cruelty of brutal murderers may be explained away as some mental or personality disorder. We often hear commendations for acts of extraordinary kindness; but when have you heard of anyone stepping up and saying that someone is just plain evil?  And yet evil does exist.

The bible even indicates to us that evil may actually invade a person and may likewise be cast out of them, as in the bible in the case where Jesus cast the unclean spirits out of a man and allowed the spirits to enter into a herd of swine.

Many of us are staunch Christians and believe that Jesus really did do this and other miracles. Why then, do so many of us not accept that evil is still present today?

Personally, just as I believe in God and the warm goodness of Christian people, I believe in wicked, evil depravity; but I also believe that God can reach into a person’s heart and replace evil with His own good presence. That’s why we should be diligent in spreading His word. A world full of people who love and worship God and live according to His will would be a far better place than a world full of men with evil hearts.

B. Killebrew

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