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My Dearest Friend

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I thank God everyday
For sending my dearest friend,
You’ve been there through darkened days
And will be till the end,

You my friend have dried my tears
And helped my heart to mend,
I want to thank you again
For being my dearest friend,

In times of my despair
You’ve helped me to pull through,
And when I’m feeling better
It is because of you,

There are times when I will fall
And I know that you will too,
We’ll be there for each other
And each one will get through,

You have helped me many times
And I know you will again,
I just wanted to thank you
For being my dearest friend.

By Melinda Tanner,
Used with Permission

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Rating: +15 (from 23 votes)
My Dearest Friend, 65% based on 23 ratings

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