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I was tempted but I’m not that foolish….

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I wanted to buy something today—until I figured up the cost versus the benefit.  At that point I knew it was an utterly stupid idea.

  What I wanted to buy was an older car to have in addition to my four year old Smart Car that I absolutely adore.  So you wonder, if I adore the Smart Car, why would I want to have another car as well?  The reason is….grandkids.  I have several and in the Smart Car I can only have one rider (It’s a two-seater). Besides, one of my daughters-in-law does not trust the Smart Car as a vehicle for her daughter to ride in; so that’s one little girl I can’t take anywhere at all.  My husband also has a car—and a truck—but I have driven the truck only a couple of times in the many years we’ve had it and I have not driven his year-old car at all.

So that’s why I had the incredibly stupid idea to buy an old Toyota I found on the lot of an honest used car salesman.  Thank heavens I came to my senses before I spent $8000 to buy it, $80 or so to license it and probably $500 to insure it for a year.  It would be senseless to buy that car. 

 My grandkids just have to continue to come with me one by one. I can’t take two girls out to lunch or two girls shopping or pick up the brother and sister that live in the same house.  As for the little one that’s not allowed to ride with me….well, Grandpa will have to pick her up.  As for me, I didn’t get money in my savings account by being totally stupid. Sure, doing things with the kids is fun,  but spending that kind of money to put two or more of them in a group—which would probably drive me nuts anyway—is really dumb.  But what’s temptation except to prove that when you get right down to it, you still have a little sense.

Whew!  That was close.



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