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Exodus 2 v. 16-25 with Betty

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16 Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters: and they came and drew water, and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock.

17 And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.

18 And when they came to Reuel their father, he said, How is it that ye are come so soon to day?

19 And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock.

20 And he said unto his daughters, And where is he? why is it that ye have left the man? call him, that he may eat bread.

21 And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter.

22 And she bare him a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.

23 And it came to pass in process of time, that the king of Egypt died: and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.

24 And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.

25 And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them.

K.J.V. Bible Text

My Thoughts:

 A priest of Midian had seven daughters.  They came to the well where Moses was in order to draw water for their flocks but shepherds drove them away.  Once more, Moses sprang to the side of justice and drove the shepherds away.  He then watered the flocks for the seven sisters.

Because of his help, the girls returned to their father early.  Their grateful father invited Moses to eat.

Moses agreed to stay with the man and was given the priest’s daughter Zipporah in marriage.

I certainly wonder about all this.  The scripture, at least in this version, does not mention if the priests had sons or not, but it would seem that if there had been sons, they would not have allowed the shepherds to prevent their sisters from obtaining water for the flocks. Whether there were sons or not, under the circumstances of their being so many daughters, the arrival of a strong and willing male guest must have been extremely pleasing to their father.

When Zipporah gave birth to a son, Moses named him Gershom, because he was a foreigner in a foreign land.

After a long while, the king of Egypt died and the Israelites cried out for help because of their slavery.  God heard their groaning and was concerned about the Israelites.  He remembered his covenant with Abraham.

Betty Killebrew

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